What Are Your Tips For Staying Cool In Baking Britain?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's bloody hot right now across most of the UK, and considering the country really isn't geared-up for this kind of heatwave, it's taking its toll. So, it's time to brainstorm good ways to keep cool, because the weather forecast reckons it's going to be into the 30s next week too. Phew.

Welcome to Chatroom+, your opportunity to put those burning questions to the crack team of commenters we have the pleasure of entertaining on Gizmodo UK. Whether it’s in what order you wash your stinking body in the shower, to the best way to cook a steak on an electric hob, it’s time to ask all those questions that Google won’t answer, or you’d just rather not trust random people on the internet with.

Today's question comes from Jeff Franks, who's apparently just so damn hot he can barely take it anymore. I feel his pain. Unfortunately the air conditioning in Giz Towers isn't exactly great, so we've resorted to pedestal fans. Not exactly great considering they're just pushing hot air around, but better than nothing I suppose.

Has anyone got any good tips on keeping cool in the sweltering heat? Maybe a DIY air conditioning solution or frozen towels on your wrists or something that sounds totally insane but works a treat? Help me and poor Jeff out here; we're practically melting.

Image credit: Heatwave from Shutterstock