What the Hell Is a Giant Colin Firth Doing in the Serpentine?

By Sam Gibbs on at

As advertising stunts go, this is both weird and intriguing. To celebrate the launch of UKTV's new Drama TV channel, it decided to stick a 12-foot-tall Colin Firth look-a-like in the Serpentine. Bizarre doesn't quite cover it.

The massive model is meant to recreate the iconic coming-out-of-the-lake scene from the BBC's portrayal of Pride and Prejudice, in which Colin Firth playing Mr Darcy apparently gets legions of women's hearts a'fluttering.

It's certainly eye catching, sitting there in the middle of London's Hyde Park, and apparently giant Mr Darcy is off on a road trip too, gracing Scarborough beach and Lyme Park in Cheshire with his presence.

I can't say it makes me think of a TV channel, but it's pretty impressive as out-of-the-box-thinking advertising stunts go. I guess you'd have to be the right audience for a drama TV channel to even know what it was.

What do you think? Does it get you psyched about Drama TV? Something tells me I'm asking the wrong audience. [ITN via PR Examples]