What's the Best Coffee In Town?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's a Thursday morning. You need your caffeine fix, but you're not going to drink any old rubbish cup of coffee, so where do you head? If you said Caffé Nero, according to Which? Magazine at least, you're in the right place.

The magazine decided it was about time to rank the top high street coffee chains to see which one was the best, and which you should avoid. It sent a coffee expert (these people actually exist?) to Caffé Nero, Costa, M&S Café, Pret and Starbucks to grab both a small Americano and a cappuccino.

Apparently Nero puts two shots of espresso in every coffee as standard, which gave it points, but it was the quality of the black stuff that won the day in the end. According to Which? Magazine, Nero delivered a coffee with the 'rich smoothness you'd expect of a Central American coffee with an edge of spiciness indicative of an African coffee' scoring a good nine out of 10 on the Americano front, which sounds bloody tempting to me right now. Equally good was Nero's cappuccino, scoring an eight out of 10 with 'the right balance of coffee and milk'.

The interesting thing was that there was quite a difference between the chains. For instance Pret a Manger's cappuccino scored just four out of 10, described as basically just milk, while its Americano 'smelt of burnt charcoal' and was 'plain and thin' -- one to avoid there then.

For the full breakdown, head over to Which? Magazine. But do you agree, Giz UK coffee fiends? What's the best place you know for coffee round you? And if you're a chain frequenter, what floats your boat? [Which? Magazine]

Image cache: Coffee from Shutterstock