Why Your Next PC Should Be Rocking a Touchscreen

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It’s fair to say that touch has already revolutionised the whole smartphone thing, banishing T9 to the stuff on nightmares and letting Angry Birds loose on the world. So, if you're shopping around for a new PC, you should probably think about getting all touchy-feely there, too.

Microsoft agrees. That's why Windows 8, in addition to being a top-notch desktop OS, also has big buttons and tiles for prodding and poking. But software's nothing without innovative hardware to make the most of it, and that's where Lenovo comes in.

With the hybrid form factors being brought out by Lenovo, there's no real compromise -- you get the best bits of a tablet and a laptop, but without having to lug around two machines like us mere mortals.

The combination of traditional input devices -- that's a keyboard and mouse, to you and me -- and that fabled touchscreen means you get the best of both words. For some stuff -- Fruit Ninja, we're looking at you here -- a touchscreen is patently better, whereas spreadsheets require a little more fine control (as well as some serious patience and two-tenths of your soul).

Let’s face it, we’ve spent far too long compromising by being forced to control things one way or another so it’s nice to be able to choose however we want to navigate through our daily computing lives.

One of the finest ways to enjoy touchscreen computing on the go is with an ultrabook - basically a traditional laptop, but thinner, lighter and faster than that machine you were lugging around in 2003.

And ultrabooks don't need to murder your bank account -- Lenovo's IdeaPad U310 Touch has a stonking keyboard and classic good looks, but costs less than £600. Similarly, the IdeaPad U410 Touch Core i7 has superb graphics under the hood, not to mention sound that'd make even One Direction sound good, but the price is only £750.

Fancy something with a bit of that touchscreen goodness? The Lenovo Z500 Touch has you covered; as our colleagues over at TechRadar put it, “you'll find yourself seamlessly playing games, tabbing out to prod your way through Windows and then turning the system to more mundane tasks without stopping for breath.”

Of course, not everybody is looking for a laptop, so Lenovo has a range of fantastic all-in-one PCs that bring beautiful touchscreens into home life.

The IdeaCentre A720 is a good example of this -- powerful, but not shouting about it in that gaming-tower-with-neon-lights way that most graphically well-endowed rigs feel the need to do.

That means you'll actually want to have it out in the kitchen, letting you Google stuff to settle arguments, or entertain the kids with any of the games from that exhaustive app library.

And with its glorious 27-inch screen, you’ll also have a computer than can double up as an entertainment hub, allowing you to have a powerful music player, connected television and on demand video player to boot. Sorry, versatility, you said?

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