Will Free Codes in The Sun Entice You to the Paywalled Sun Online?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Sun's about to erect a whopping great paywall around its web site, copying (grown-up) sister title The Times in limiting online access to the things it writes about Katie Price and laughably describes as "news." Will it stop you reading? Did you ever read it? Would you knowingly pay for it?

The paper is trying to ease the transition to the paywalled garden by updating its printing presses to allow each paper to include a unique access code that'll grant access to the site for free. This initial welcoming approach will then be replaced by a voucher system that'll let readers access the Sun+ content if they collect 20 in a month. Or you can just pay £2 a week. Or not bother at all.

The paper's using sport to tempt people into paying, as you might imagine, with its Sun+ Goals scheme relaying highlights of football matches "minutes" after goals are scored, plus you're able to register now to get two months of access for £1 to ease yourself into the idea of paying for online content.

So what's your Sun paywall contingency plan? How do you plan on keeping up with the latest news regarding Peter Andre's relationship status and Coleen Rooney's current favoured type of shoe? [Wired]