Will.i.am Plans Frankenstein's Monster Gadget With a Phone For a Mouth and a Hotspot Brain

By Gary Cutlack on at

That silly man who's always on television is planning a move into gadgetry, with Will.i.am describing his mad plan to launch a thing that combines cuddly toy, Wi-Fi hotspot, mobile phone and speaker system in one unit.

Mr I.am described the dawn of the tech creative process like this: "Last November I was walking through Harrods and I picked up a little stuffed animal. Right next to it was a speaker. Right next to that, there was a little MiFi wireless connector box."

He continued giving us an invaluable insight into how his genius mind works, adding: "I took a day off, got the stuffed animal, ripped it apart, stuck the MiFi connector in its head, sewed it up, put the speaker in his belly, sewed it up, put a freakin' iPhone in his mouth. It's my prototype for the next product -- we're working to have it for Christmas."

He says he wants to make his friendly musical robot voice controlled as well, so you could, for example, tell it to "Never play any of that annoying man's bloody records." [Metro]

Image credit: Inventor from Shutterstock