Would You Buy a Phone With a 48-Hour Battery Life?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Of course you would, because these days battery life is the only spec that actually matters, but would you suffer marginally more chub to grab a beastly battery?

Yesterday, Verizon in the US (yes, I felt dirty typing that out), launched a refreshed range of exclusive Motorola Android phones -- likely the last of the pre-Google purchase Moto phones. None of them were the Moto X we've been hearing about, and likewise, none of them were that special, either, apart from the new Droid Maxx that is.

You see, Motorola's packed the Maxx out with a monster battery, and a clever new power-sipping processor system it's calling "8X" (not to be confused with the HTC 8X) to boot. The result is a phone that should genuinely last you 48 hours of real use, not just standby.

Now, the Droid range are all CDMA phones, and so we'll never get them over here. But there's no reason Motorola couldn't put a UK compatible LTE and GSM radio in there and ship it to Britain. My question is, would you buy one, even if it wasn't the prettiest, slimmest or nicest of the bunch? Would a 48-hour battery life be able to prise the cold hard cash out of your hands?

Image credit: Battery from Shutterstock