Xbox One Constantly Buffers Only Your Last Five Minutes of Play to the PS4's 15

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has explained a little more about its plans for Xbox One to work as your own little gameplay DVR, confirming that it'll continuously bugger buffer the last five minutes of your action so you can edit it, watch it again and share it to people who probably won't be particularly interested in seeing your amazing kill.

The video of your action will be buffered to the machine's hard drive for your enjoyment and sharing, and while playing online (where you can't save) gamers can command their machines to capture the last 30 seconds of play by saying "Xbox record that" to their Kinects.

For those keeping count of the tedious next-gen specifications tit-for-tat, Sony's believed to be allowing users to buffer and share the last 15 minutes of play footage. [Gamespot via Techradar]