Xbox One Mastermind Leaves Microsoft for... Zynga

By Gary Cutlack on at

Don Mattrick, the gangly smiling man who introduced Xbox One to the world in its calamitous, TV-themed unveiling, and continued putting his foot in his mouth during the following weeks, has left Microsoft. He's the new boss of casual gaming company Zynga. Let the jumped or pushed debate begin.

Microsoft made the news public last night in an email from Steve Ballmer to all Microsoft staff, in which Ballmer claims it's a "great opportunity for Don" and that he wishes him all the best. Ballmer doesn't say whether Don left of his own accord or was escorted off the premises with his desk contents and toys in a bin liner.

Given that Mattrick was the global face of Xbox One just a few weeks ago, it's hard to imagine Microsoft was planning on kicking him out this soon after headlining their amazingly important new launch. We think the internet may have got him sacked, after mass online outrage over Xbox One's "always-on" features triggered the embarrassing and unprecedented backpedal on Microsoft's plans for DRM integration.

According to Zynga's founder, who stepped down from the CEO position to make way for Mattrick, Don starts work there next week. [Reuters]