Yesterday's Twitter Dungeoncrawl: Castle Doomskull

By Grant Howitt on at

The challenge was set: could Gizmodo's Twitter followers best the monsters and traps in Castle Doomskull? Could they defeat the mighty king in single combat? Could they just... stop... fighting... each other, for like, five minutes?

This is the most adventurers I've ever handled in my hour-long crawls, and it shows a little. But it still ticks along at a relatively brisk pace, mainly because one of the players decided that he was going to play a hideous orb of intelligent, acidic goo and decided to absorb everyone else. As you do. Most people just played a Wizard.



Well, that's that, then. Next week I might have to impose some limits on how many people play because, you know, clusterfuck -- anyone got any ideas on that? First 20 people to sign up? Only sign-ups made in the first ten minutes? I dunno. Anyway. See you next week, Adventurers!

To play every Thursday at 12 noon, follow Gizmodo UK on Twitter here, or if you fancy it, Grant over here.

Image Credit: Mik is a creative designer, happy to take on design work for any worthwhile or charitable causes.