You Can Get Xbox Music In Your Browser Now

By Eric Limer on at

We've been keen on Xbox Music, but the fact that it's been locked down to Windows 8 devices has been a bit of a drag. No more! Xbox Music now has a home on the web, complete with 30-day free trial.

A web-client is the first step toward real corss-platform functionality, but there's no word of iOS or Android apps in the works, so it's still got a way to go to be a full-fledge player in the game. But not being imprisoned in Windows 8 is a good first step toward success.

There's ad-supported free unlimited access to Microsoft's bevy of tracks for the first six months, and then users are capped to just 10 hours of music each month. But if you cough up £9 a month (or £90 a year), you can listen however much you want, and minus the pesky ads.