You'll Be Able to Live-Track Your Amazon Deliveries Right to Your Door (and Get 15-Minute Delivery Windows)

By Gary Cutlack on at

You'll soon be able to watch some Amazon and ASOS deliveries trundle across the country and up to your doorstep LIVE, thanks to courier firms Interlink and DPD launching a tracking service that monitors the whereabouts of your stuff and gives you a precise 15-minute arrival window.

The system, which Interlink and DPD are calling Follow My Parcel, updates its existing SMS delivery alert system with a new 15-minute arrival window, which opens up a link to a map and lets you live-stalk the poor delivery driver as he goes about his rounds and brings your new SSD ever nearer, turning buying stuff into an exciting spectator sport.

It'll be live in the UK for some deliveries that use the couriers from August 5th. [YouTube via DPD]