You've Been Peeling Oranges All Wrong

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oranges are tasty little nuggets of refreshing sweetness that are just begging to be eaten. But peeling them, well, it can be both a messy and tedious affair. That is, unless you peel them like this into a work of delicious art. Amazing.

Credit goes to BuzzFeed for finding these gems. It doesn't even look that hard once you know what you're doing. Something tells me it won't work with a naval or something (or at least you'll need a load more peeling skill than I can muster), but mandarins, clementines, and any other small orange should work. Who needs an iWatch when you can have a mandarin watch? If anyone has an orange for lunch today and tries this out, snap a pic of the results and bung us a link in the comments. Now, where's my lunchtime peeler? [YouTube via BuzzFeed]

Bonus, while we're on the topic of peeling things, have you ever cracked open a banana like a monkey? Try this: