15 Minutes of Elysium Behind the Scenes Footage Is Pure Mech-Madness

By Peter Ha on at

So here we have 15 minutes worth of behind the scenes footage from Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming "postapocalyptic" movie Elysium. I mean, this is basically the entire movie, which doesn't open until August 21st! Does the studio know about this?

Anyway, in case you were wondering, the movie was mostly shot with a RED Epic. While some parts were filmed using helmet cams (GoPro?) and Canon 5Ds, says the film's colourist. In an interview with Studio Daily, Andrea Chlebak gives some explanation as to how the film was shot:

The Epic is a 5K camera, but Elysium shot 3.3K in the end. The scope aspect ratio is 3296×1350 [squeezed down from 3296x2700 when recorded anamorphically] so we worked in 3.3K and upres'd it to 4K. That was a pretty small step up, and it shows up very well. It was amazing on a huge screen — I'm quite impressed with Red at this point, and what they're able to do with their cameras.

[No Film School]