35p a Minute PAYG Car Rental Slowly Taking off in London and the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

The idea of short-term car rental charged by the hour isn't anything new in our cities, but the service offered by Car2go is a little different -- it lets you drive one way and dump it somewhere else. It's a Boris Bike with a roof.

There are Android and iOS apps to control the feels-like-stealing experience, which let you find cars for use and reserve one, plus they offer maps so you can find acceptable areas to drop them off in. Because while you can leave them in any free parking space, they need to be within a vaguely correct zone. So no dumping them in Barking.

The service currently has 500 Smart ForTwo cars in and around London, although contractual negotiations with the city mean full use is limited to just a couple of boroughs in the centre of town. [Car2go via Guardian]