3D Printed Skateboard Looks Amazing, But Wouldn't Last a Loop of Your Supermarket Car Park

By Gary Cutlack on at

That amazing thing up there is a 3D printed skateboard, put together using a design from renowned 3D product creator and builder Sam Abbot.

The maker -- 3DPrintUK, which supports our 3D print challenges -- suggests it's more of an "art" piece than an actually useful skateboard, as when it comes to having a thing to fall off regular old wood is still significantly better. This particular model also had to be printed in three parts due to the limited print bed size, so has joints to weaken the structure. But at least the end result is loads better than previous printed skateboard efforts.

If this has suddenly got your brain working in three dimensions, Gizmodo UK may well be running a new 3D printing challenge in the near future, so get scheming. Schematic-ing. Thinking. Etc. [3DPrintUK]