A 10-Gang Power Strip Is Your "Scotty, We Need More Power" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Dig, if you will, a picture -- of you and us scaling a tower. A tower of POWER! Sounds incredible doesn't it, but the sad truth is that you won't be able to do it unless you're just a few inches tall.

It's a tower of power in the sense that it's a 10-gang angled extension tower -- a throbbing hub of electricity for all of your gadgets and gizmos to be plugged into. Hopefully there'll be no fizzing, buzzing, sparking and a tiny re-creation of The Towering Inferno as a result. Still, it's only £6.54 delivered. Our dreams of a 100-gang tower of power remain just that for now...


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- MSI GTX 670 2GB Twin Frozr Power Edition & Splinter Cell (pre-order) -- yours for £177.40.
- Free £40 to spend on apps/games when you buy a Kindle Fire HD.
- Grand Theft Auto V (PS3/Xbox 360) -- only £34.99 with code.
- Nintendo 3DS XL console with Mario Kart 7 & New Super Mario Bros 2 -- only £169.99.
- EE 5Gb/mth 4G data SIM-only tablet/dongle/Mifi 30 day contract - £11p/m with first month free.
- Saints Row IV: Commander In Chief Edition (PS3/Xbox 360) £25.00 with code.
- Free Sky mini Wi-Fi connector (USB-powered & no Ethernet)
- Lenovo A820 Android 4.1 phone -- just £90.00.
- Star Wars Original Trilogy & Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Limited Edition Steelbooks] - £22.00 each with free delivery.
- Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Blu-Ray [Slim Edition] -- only £8.00 delivered.

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