A Colourful Budget iPhone Could Look Awfully Pretty on Shelves

By Eric Limer on at

There's been a lot of leakage about that rumoured budget iPhone lately, from sneakshots of all-white "iPhone 5C" packaging to repeated WSJ mentions. We still haven't seen one of the devices in colour, though. Not yet. And these renders by Martin Hajek show off how positively delightful a nice splash could be.

These renders of the iPhone 5C — complete with packaging — were cooked up by Hajek, who previously brought us a rainbow menagerie of imagined plastic iPhones. Does that "C" stand for "colour"? Who knows, but maybe it should.

We've still got a little bit of a wait before Apple's next big iPhone event this autumn, but some kind of new take on the iPhone seems like an inevitability. Here's to hoping it looks half as fun as this when it makes it onto shelves.

A Colorful Budget iPhone Could Look Awfully Pretty on Shelves

[Thanks, Martin!]