A Partially-Assembled iPhone 5C Rears Its Ugly Rumoured Head

By Sam Gibbs on at

The iPhone 5C seems to be hanging around Apple like a bad smell right now. After packaging leaked, then the fabled phone was seemingly confirmed by staff instructions, a back and front shell of the plastic phone has purportedly shown up on video. It looks pretty ugly in white, don't you think?

The normal rumour-clause needs to be applied here, of course -- this could be utter rubbish, and a fake. But given the budget/cheaper/plastic iPhone "5C" has been pretty much confirmed, well, as much as a rumour possibly can be, these shells that keep cropping up are probably on the money.

At least it probably won't be hit by antenna problems. [YouTube via 9to5Mac]

Bonus: Here's a purported new iPad partially assembled too. I'll leave it up to you guys to determine if it's genuine or not.