A Whole Sea Lion Was Found Inside This Shark's Stomach

By Sam Gibbs on at

This is pretty incredible. One of the biggest mako sharks ever caught had its organs donated to science. Here you can see what exactly the huge shark dined on. You'll probably not believe it, but they found a whole sea lion in there, head intact. Luckily it wasn't a person.

The 590kg shark would pretty much eat anything, apparently, so it's just bad luck that the sea lion -- not a small animal by any stretch of the imagination -- was in the wrong place at the wrong time. By studying the contents of shark stomachs it's possible to work out who is eating who down there, and refine the ocean's food chains -- important for managing the conservation of the ocean's ecosystems.

Still, for the rest of us it's pretty cool to see what sharks eat, but then again it's a bit frightening too. That could easily have been a human in there. [NOAA via Smithsonian via io9]