Amazon Set to Crush All Android Consoles With... Android Console?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumour has it that mighty offshore money machine Amazon might be planning to launch its own Android-powered gaming machine, which would put its existing standalone Android app and game store to good use -- and smash the competition into billions of Chinese-made pieces.

The rumour comes via gaming site Game Informer, which claims Amazon's all-in-one gaming box might be ready for launch in time for the US "Black Friday" shopping day, which usually falls at the very end of November and is when that lot over there start chucking their money about to prepare for Christmas.

The source also claims Amazon's machine will appear with its own dedicated controller, while prolific games industry leaker Superannuation is making it all sound much more feasible, listing a surprising number of games industry folk who've left their jobs to join Amazon's Game Studio -- such as former Gears of War producer David Holmes.

Would a £99 Amazon gaming machine do the job for you? [Game Informer via Eurogamer]