Anonymous Hacking Collective Turns its Full Might on Mole Valley District Council

By Gary Cutlack on at

The web site belonging to Mole Valley District Council has been hacked, with site admins claiming Anonymous hackers are behind the assault. Pages on the Surrey council portal's site were defaced with references to David Miranda, the man held by UK immigration in one of the latest twists to the global spy scandal.

Poor old Mole Valley Council is still struggling to recover from the attack, with its site currently displaying a raw text holding page with links to its Twitter account and an outsourced payment site for anyone wanting to pay bills. Presumably as far as Anonymous is concerned, cracking any governmental site, no matter how local, is considered a win.

A spokesman for the council said it's unlikely that public data leaked, pointing out that: "The council is confident that the firewall protecting the public information, databases and internal information services have not been breached." [BBC]