Apparently This Isn't a UFO Floating Around the Earth Like a Jellyfish

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yesterday, astronaut Chris Cassidy spotted something really weird floating outside the window of the ISS. Like a bright, shiny, golden jellyfish, the strange object was hovering around the space station's Progress cargo vehicle. He whipped out his camera and started filming. What the hell was it?

Calling down to Mission Control in Houston, he explained he might, err, have a problem. The unidentified floating object didn't seem to be threatening them or anything, but they couldn't quite work out what on Earth it could be. Was this the first alien probe ever spotted in our orbit?

Sadly not. It turns out there was a very boring explanation for it. The shiny object was just an antenna cover from the Zvezda service module that had somehow gotten loose, which Russian ground controllers finally identified, no doubt after some very panicked calls. Mystery solved, but you've got to feel for Cassidy. He must have had the fright of his life seeing that outside his window. [YouTube via The Atlantic]