Apple Fans Furious Over Breaking Bad Series Split Making Bittorrent Still the Favourite Viewing Platform

By Gary Cutlack on at

The final series of cult US show Breaking Bad was split into two parts for some reason, with the two-part approach causing angst among Apple users who thought they'd bought a season pass to watch the whole thing. Now they're being asked to pay again for the second bunch of episodes.

The original season pass let iTunes viewers buy a season pass to watch "Season 5" of the show, but now it's returned for a second chunk, Apple's calling this new batch of episodes "The Final Season" and is asking users for more money to watch the newer episodes. Even though it's really just the rest of series five. Quite a shady way of capitalising on the buzz around the show, and as you might expect it's being one-starred like mad by angry buyers.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of Walt's adventures in DIY drug production is rocketing up the illegal distribution hit parade, with TorrentFreak calculating that around 500,000 people had nicked a copy of the latest episode via Bittorrent within the first 12 hours.

And despite the latest episode hitting Netflix here as promised yesterday, the UK is still sitting in fourth place on the download league tables, behind Australia, the US and Canada. [Mashable, TorrentFreak]