The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

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I was at my first same sex-wedding over the weekend. It was a beautiful event; everyone cried. Why does everyone cry at weddings? I was looking around utterly confused as to what the heck people were sniffling at. Am I emotionally dead inside? Meh. I'll stick to Siri to keep me happy. Here are some apps that make me happy, too:


iPhone Apps

Deus Ex – The Fall: For Deus Ex Fans, this instalment is set directly after Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect Novel. You're cast as one of the protagonists from the book, former British SAS Mercenary, Ben Saxon, who has been pitted against (wait for it) – a global conspiracy. Surprise surprise. Maybe not the most original of story-lines, but the seamless graphics and ample game-play make up for that minor oversight. The first truly enjoyable shooter I've come across for the iPhone, you can kiss goodbye to your Monday schedule when you download. [£4.99]

Cal: OK, so the calender app in iOS works. But it's been designed solely around functionality, so aesthetics aren't really too much of a consideration. If you want something a little more pleasing to the eye, take a look at Cal. As well as looking purdy, it can attach maps of the location when you schedule a meeting; birthdays pop up with full screen pictures of your friend (with relevant social networking links) and it can also connect with the app, so that you can integrate your tasks for the day. Pure organisation right there. [Free]

Fry: Statistically you follow Stephen Fry on Twitter. We all do, so theoretically we will all love this. Statistically. This genius app provides a virtual 3D rendering of Stephen Fry himself, who speaks in Stephen Fry's voice, to tell you the most up-to-date news involving...Stephen Fry. Fry provides Fry's ponderings, observations and ideas via, well, him. You can interact with virtual Fry too. Neat. [Free]

Crumbtrail: I have trouble remembering people's faces. This app is another one of those that I genuinely find extremely useful to overcome this particular fault. Crumbtrail takes extra information into your address book when you log in via facebook or email for a contact and include information on where and when you met them. It also lets you add personal notes and maps so that you can reference them at a later date. [£0.69]

Byword: Microsoft recently released Word for iPhone as part of Office Mobile app. Unfortunately it's only available to those who have previously subscribed to Office 365. Byword provides a cheap alternative text editor and lets you create documents and instantly post them to Tumblr, Blogger and the like. [£2.99]


iPad Apps

iPad Apps of the Week: Ikea, ACI Cockpit360, and More

Imgur: Imgur for Android has been out for a while now, but now it's also available on iOS. It has all the features you'd imagine it would. Browsing pictures, commenting on others and uploading your own. #foodporn, right? [Free]

iPad Apps of the Week: Ikea, ACI Cockpit360, and More

ACI Cockpit: Into planes? This will make you pee your pants a little. ACI Cockpit lets you step inside the cockpit of over 50 vintage aeroplanes and take a look inside. Featuring the P-51 Mustang and going all the way to the first Jumbo Jet ever built, it allows you to immerse yourself in an experience very few will ever experience in reality. [£3.99]

iPad Apps of the Week: Ikea, ACI Cockpit360, and More

Amazon Kindle: Amazon has updated its Kindle app with a huge flip-off to Apple. Because obviously Apple takes 30 per cent of all in-app purchases, Amazon has sidestepped this little titbit by offering loadsa free samples. Amazing. Let's see how long the giant granny smith lets this go on. [Free]

Ikea Catalogue: If you have recently immersed yourself in the devil that is home decoration, you will appreciate this update to the Ikea app. They've dabbled in spacial relations within virtual reality before – on their website, for example – but this allows you to easily place that sofa in your living room on your iPad screen. Then price everything up and look up the codes for the warehouse so that you don't have to stay too long in the showroom of furniture, homeware and screaming children. Because the path to hell is paved with flatpacks. [Free]

Despicable Me - Minion Rush: I've been playing this for a couple of weeks, and feel that it would be wrong of me not to expose you all to the addiction. Who's seen Despicable Me? I hated it. The storyline sucked. But the saviour of that film were those little gibberish-speaking, bright yellow, banana-obsessed minions. This Temple Run-style game is possibly one of the most addictive games I have come across. Collect all the bananas and take out your fellow minions on the way. Awesome. [Free]


Android Apps

Android Apps of the Week: Zagat, Microsoft Office, and More

Zagat: Have you ever seen Zagat's website? Really useful for restaurant reviews, clubs and summaries. It has everything you need – maps and directions. And now it's available on Android. No registration required and completely free, a step forward form the website. So far it's only available for London in the UK, with a splash of other cities in the US, but there will be more updates soon. [Free]

Android Apps of the Week: Zagat, Microsoft Office, and More

Appsi: Side bars are the latest trend at the moment, so why not get them for yourself? Appsi gives you you side panels from a swipe out gesture triggered by hot spots. Customisable as to where you'd like them on the screen, a simple swipe movement will pull sidebar access out to all manners of information.You can even have up to six different slide-out panels. [£0.69 Per Plugin]

Android Apps of the Week: Zagat, Microsoft Office, and More

SCR Screen Recorder Free (Root): If you want a screen recording app that works over a huge range of devices, this is where it's at. Completely customisable once downloaded, you can change how it records in regards to frame rate, resolution etc. The app is currently in beta, but you should be completely fine if you use a device with 4.0.3 or higher. [Free] In a world where the market for messaging apps is severely overcrowded, ones that manage to slip through the masses and stand out become immensely popular. It's pretty early days for, but it has already had over 20k downloads since release. It aims to combine all manner of messaging to one app, pulling from your contacts book and posting to facebook and twitter when required. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Lufthansa: This app has everything you would expect from an airline app, mobile boarding passes, flight schedules, flight status, and of course, you can book your flights too. Although I haven't flown Lufthansa in a while, it was definitely one of the better airlines I'd experienced, so this app should be a safe bet to get. Anything's better than Ryanair, I should think. [Free]

Timing '13 CP: The official Formula 1 timing App. It has everything you need to track your preferred driver over a race weekend -- everything in real time, but with the option to pause the live action, you'll never have to miss anything. It also comes with live leader-boards so you can keep up to date on exactly what's happening. [£19.99]

Scoopt: Described as the “Fashion Facebook”, Scoopt (for Men and Women) differs from other shopping apps as itsusers can share their preferred shops with friends. Established brand name and chain shops are ignored, with Scoopt utilising independent shops to get you the fashion you want. [Free]

Dark Quest: Dark Quest is a turn-based, Dungeons and Dragons style, role playing adventure game where players become a barbarian on his epic quest to destroy the forces of the evil sorcerer and save the land from evil. It all sounds a little clichéd, but as with all D&D style games, it's worth a go. [£1.49]

Order and Chaos: Finally, a true real-time, full-3D MMORPG on your Windows Phone. Another D&D style game, this one lets you choose your character from five different races and explore the world you're thrown into. With over 1,200 quests to complete, Order and Chaos is guaranteed to provide days, if not weeks of play time. [£5.49]