Are New iMacs and MacBook Pros Imminent?

By Sam Gibbs on at

We think we know Apple's got an iPhone event coming up on the 10th of September, but does it also have new iMacs and new MacBook Pros for us too? The stars are starting to align.

It seems stock is starting to dwindle for third-party retailers of the iMac across the globe, and some are chopping chunks off sticker prices in order to clear old inventory. That's normally an indicator that a refresh is about to hit, as Apple constrains stock shipments and ceases producing them. The last iMac launch didn't go so well for Apple, with a massive gap between the announcement and products actually hitting people's homes due to manufacturing issues. Hopefully Tim Cook and crew have learnt from that mistake this time round.

Meanwhile, reports out of China say that a Haswell-packing MacBook Pro is in production, which isn't a shock to anyone, but could mean that it'll share the stage with the new iPhones on the 10th. Of course, Apple could hold a second event a couple of weeks later, as it has done exactly that in the past. We'll see.

Either way, don't buy an iMac or MacBook Pro right now. You seriously want to wait and get Intel's new Haswell chips. The new MacBook Airs packing them are absolutely blazing, and there's nothing to suggest it won't be the same for the MacBook Pro and iMac. [Apple Insider 1, 2, EMSODM]