At What Age Did You Get Your First Phone?

By Sam Gibbs on at

I remember when I was a kid I was the first in my class with a phone at the age of 14, and I only got it because I had to call for a lift. These days, apparently, I'd be miles behind the curve because children get their first phone at the age of just 7 on average. Err, that's a bit young, isn't it?

The new research, which asked 2,300 parents to spill the details on their little sprogs, showed that over 75 per cent of parents gifted the phones to their kids for "peace of mind". The surprising thing is that more than half of them set up contract phones for their kids rather than dumping them with PAYG, which sounds insane to me.

Anyway, phones output pretty high levels of radiation by their very nature, and while studies have been inconclusive about whether or not they damage our health as adults, causing cancer etc, everyone agrees you should keep that kind of thing away from your kid's head.

Anyway, it seems things have changed, and it's not really surprising I guess. At what age did you get your first phone? And what about a smartphone; when did you progress from a dumbphone to a whizz-bang smarty? [Telegraph]

Image credit: Kid on Phone from Shutterstock