BlackBerry Rumoured to be Spinning BBM off into a Separate Company

By Gary Cutlack on at

BlackBerry Messenger, the one part of BlackBerry that everyone seems to agree is worth trying to keep around in some way, could end up being pulled out into a separate company, as BlackBerry examines ways to survive its never-ending smartphone sales decline.

The report in the WSJ claims a subsidiary company built entirely around BBM would have more freedom to make its own decisions (including the long-awaited cross-platform release), plus it would be a more valuable asset when viewed alone and unencumbered by the rest of the troubled BlackBerry business.

The report also suggests a version of BBM for the desktop might be in the pipeline, which might mean it's looking to build a sort of Google-rivalling integrated messaging universe all of its own. Couple this with the previously rumoured sale of its hardware division, and we might see a very different BlackBerry appear some time soon. [WSJ]