Boost Your Typophile Street Cred With These Beautiful Font Flashcards

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Whether you're an old pro or just beginning to take an interest in type, Fontspotting, a downloadable font flashcard game, is so jam packed with typographical details that you're pretty much destined to learn something new. The best part though? It's totally free.
Of course, you're more than welcome to make a donation to the Australia based duo behind the deck (Dustin de Souza and Jessica Witt), and once you see these cards' crisp, clean print and the care and detail that undoubtedly went into organizing such a feat, there's a good chance you'll want to hand over at least a few bucks.

After a few introduction cards that lay down the basics of typography, the deck hits you with card after card of quick brown foxes jumping over lazy dogs, all in different fonts. On the back, the font of that card is revealed along with a brief history; you'll be a font savant in no time.

You can either download an on-screen version (so you can quiz yourself on the computer) or download a ready-to-print version, primed for 350gsm artboard with round corners. So your deck can be just as pretty as the ones above—making this way cheaper (and more fun) than any ol' typography book could ever even hope to be. [Fontspotting via Design Taxi]