BT Sport App Glitches Ruin its Live Premier League Debut

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BT Sport live streaming channel managed to hoof it over the bar when presented with an open goal this weekend, with complaints firing in over its streaming tech's failure to cope with the first live game of the new Premier League season.

The complaints came from app users who were trying to join streams on phones and tablets once the Liverpool-Stoke match was underway. They couldn't, and were greeted with an error message saying "Sorry we are having some temporary technical issues, please try again later." Not the best message to see when trying to watch a live thing happen.

BT admitted there had been some sort of failure, saying: "Those customers who logged in before the game have experienced no issues but a minority of customers who tried to login once the game had started may have seen an intermittent issue and an error message."

Apparently it was soon fixed so that app users were able to enjoy the second half. Fury then turned to assistant commentator Michael Owen for being boring. No one's ever happy. [BBC]