Can You (or the UK Parliament) Find Damascus?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A clever little internet challenge is testing the geographical knowledge of people around the world, asking the masses if they can find the location of political hot potato and Syrian capital Damascus. Many failed, including one guess from someone using the Houses of Parliament proxy servers who was miles off.

The stats, pulled out by test makerĀ UsVsTh3m, show that from the first 1,150 guesses 19 per cent of people managed to pinpoint Damascus to within 100 miles. Rather worrying was test data coming from people connecting via the Houses of Parliament proxy servers, which showed that one person within the government buildings though Damascus was several thousand miles away in Mongolia.

Hopefully that was just a tea lady having a guess on her iPad. 65 per cent of guessers were within 500 miles of correctly locating Damascus, so at least most people have a vague idea of where things may be about to get heavy. [UsVsTh3m]