Chippy Accused of Racism Over 25p Ketchup Assault

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apparently, people in Edinburgh favour putting brown sauce on their fish & chips, an odd regional peculiarity that's caused a man from Glasgow to claim a chip shop's 25p fee for tomato ketchup is akin to "racism" -- because it gives away the brown stuff for free.

Tony Winter told the Edinburgh Evening News about the sauce discrimination and how it ruined his evening, saying: "It reeks of racism. Just because we come from the west and tend to like ketchup instead of brown sauce. I'm feeling racially persecuted because of a condiment. People might think it’s silly but I do think that’s what it is."

The chip shop responded to the claim, saying: "Salt and [brown] sauce goes with fish and chips, anything extra should be paid for."

Trading standards won't be getting involved in the dispute, as it's down to shops to charge what they like for sachets of ketchup. And if you don't like it you can sneak your own in and apply it under the table in secret. [Metro]

Image credit: Fish & chips from Shutterstock