Convertibles For the Business-Cool

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Some businesses -- whether they're bringing in the big bucks or just a one-man-band starting out -- have already discovered the joys of multiple devices, ie, festooning employees with a laptop and tablet. But a hybrid device is not only convenient, it's cost-effective, too.

For a good example of such a device, Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix (above) looks and feels like an Ultrabook with its keyboard, but remove the detachable screen (or "rip and flip" as they like to say), and suddenly you've got a tablet with all the power you'd expect from a laptop. Full touch-enabled control of Windows 8 of course, but attach the screen backwards to the keyboard, and suddenly it's the perfect device for presentations or media-consuming. With one more trick up its sleeve -- the ability to flatten the keyboard with the screen still attached, for a big increase in battery life -- it's a great all-rounder for work and pleasure.

Another option is the Lenovo Miix tablet, which when added to the "quick-flip" keyboard case, becomes a 10.1-inch (IPS screen) laptop PC, as you can see in the video above. With the same multitouch technology, plus Lenovo Motion Control for the inbuilt HD camera, it's spot-on for video conferencing. Make it even more secure by enabling Veriface Face recognition, to use your face as the password, and save yourself from loss-related heartache by using the Lenovo Cloud storage for protecting important files and data in the cloud.

TechRadar called Lenovo's ThinkPad Twist (above) a "serious workhorse" and a "well-designed, sturdy and strong performer" during their review of the 12.5-inch convertible, but if something a little smaller is needed, the Lenovo IdeaTab Lynx clocks in at 11.6-inches and just 640grams. Like other models, it too can move between laptop and tablet functionality with its optional keyboard dock.

Lastly, consider the Lenovo Yoga, which comes in either 11-inch or 13-inch flavours. Able to be used as a laptop, tablet or stood up in Tent mode for presentations or media-watching, they're slim and light enough to be carted around between meetings all day.

Buying a convertible device like one of these models can serve many functions, but for a company wishing to outfit its employees with cutting-edge devices while saving money (no doubling up on software or services here), Lenovo's got it covered.

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