Currys and PC World Will Now Deliver Same-Day

By Sam Gibbs on at

Need that super-expensive HDMI cable in a hurry? No problem. Both your local Currys and PC World will start delivering same day, between 6.30 and 10pm on weekdays. The catch? It'll be £15 a pop and you'll have to order before 9am that day.

Not quite as good as Maplin's new 90-minute Shutl-powered delivery, but it might be up your street. It's also just for small stuff, apparently, meaning you can't order a 60-inch plasma and expect it to turn up at 6.30pm. Dixons Retail, the parent company of the two high street electronics houses, is starting with greater London and is looking to roll it out across the country in the near future.

I think I'd rather head down to the store myself for £15, but maybe you're THAT important that you simply must have someone bring things to you. Jeeves can't be expected to do everything, right? [Times via TNW]

Image credit: Buy Now from Shutterstock