David Miranda Had 58,000 "Highly Classified UK Intelligence Documents" in His Luggage

By Gary Cutlack on at

A senior government advisor has issued details as to exactly what David Miranda was carrying when he was held by UK immigration for nice hours, claiming Miranda had stacks of top secret files that could identify secret agents -- and a password to access it all written on a piece of paper.

The claim emerged today in documents prepared for a High Court hearing. Deputy national security adviser Oliver Robbins said the material was: "highly likely to describe techniques crucial in life saving counter-terrorist operations" and explained that Miranda was carrying a piece of paper that had instructions for accessing the material and even a written password to decrypt one of the files.

The government advisor claims the details in the files found on Miranda's USB sticks and hard drives could endanger the lives of undercover operatives, hence him being held for nine hours under the Terrorism Act. [BBC -- thanks, PrinterElf!]

Image credit: Security scan from Shutterstock