Five-Minute Google Outage Caused 40 Per Cent Plummet in Internet Traffic

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's globe-spanning systems suffered a brief but calamitous failure over the weekend, with everything from Gmail to the company's omnipresent search boxes failing to respond for a period of between two and five minutes. This brief downtime caused a staggering 40 per cent collapse in internet traffic.

The data comes from analytics firm GoSquared, which claims traffic slumped enormously during the outage. During the brief spell of disconnection human beings floundered, unable to find telephone numbers, amuse themselves and their children, find their nearest cash point, struggled to remember which exit to take off motorways and generally acted like lost members of the Borg disconnected from the safety of the collective.

Once things were back up there was a spike in recorded traffic, as everyone hammered the refresh button in a state of pure relief. [GoSquared via The Register]