GTA V's Los Santos Is a Really Strange Place

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've still got another month to wait before we can take our collective trip into the depths of Los Santos, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar drip-feeding us with tantalising titbits. Now you can take a virtual guided tour of GTA V's city, and get to know the guy who will patch you up, your friendly neighbours, and where the planes you'll be stealing are located. Essential reading.

You can also take 360-degree tours of the cars you'll be attempting to pinch off the rich or drug dealers. That "Coil Voltic" looks pretty rad. I wonder if you'll have to stop and charge the thing just like a real Tesla?

Oh, and make sure you click on the "Share on LifeInvader" button at the bottom. Hilarious. [Rockstar via Kotaku]