Here's a Video of a Kangaroo Fighting a Dog, Just Because it's Friday

By Gary Cutlack on at

The kangaroo has been misrepresented. We have, via a media conspiracy, been taught that it fights with its feet, or perhaps smashes enemies into submission with a sweep of its powerful tail. But it doesn't, at least not when fighting a dog in a pool.

Showing advanced situational awareness skills, the kangaroo tries to drown the poor dog by holding its head underwater. And not just once, either. It's definitely a strategy. The kangaroo is thinking "I'm going to drown that barking thing by holding it under the water," in whatever language kangaroos think in.

And haven't they got weird little hands? You'll never be able to hold a dog underwater with those puny things, pal. Try sitting on it perhaps? Part one of the epic dog/roo struggle is embedded above, part two is here. [Gawker]