Here's How to Get Microsoft Office 365 On Your Android in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft's mobile version of Office has finally landed on Android (well, phones, not tablets for now) but is currently only available in the US. Since it's a free app, you can download it using an APK downloader or snag the APK from the nice folks at XDA right here, right now.

Of course, you could just wait, but if you've got an Office 365 subscription, there's no real reason not too install it right now. Just download the APK from the XDA links, preferably actually on your device so that you don't have to hook the thing up to a computer, and install that sucker.

While I can't say I'm that desperate to get Office on my phone, there's just something about region locking that gets me riled enough to install it on principle. If you install it, let us know what you think of Microsoft's mobile move in the comments. From a first glance it looks pretty slick as Office apps go. [XDA]