How Clean Is Your Kebab?

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm not sure whether this is great or utterly terrifying. It's not like you're being picky when you roll into a kebab shop, but maybe you should be? The Guardian's put together a scary map showing just how clean your local kebab place, butchers, curry houses, and anything that serves food are, according to failed food inspections by the Food Standards Agency. Yuck.

The map shows you any and all rated places around you, with the data pulled directly from the FSA. It's interesting and disgusting at the same time, though, thankfully for me, I haven't managed to frequent any of the ones on the dodgy list. In fact, one restaurant I pass regularly but have never fancied appears to be one of the worst offenders, which makes me feel vindicated for subconsciously boycotting it all these years.

Delve into the data over at the Guardian's data blog and safeguard your stomach next time you're out for a burger or something post drink. [Guardian via Time Out]

Image credit: Alex Kehr from flickr