HTC Needs a Helicopter and Iron Man to Tease the HTC One Max

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rumours are swirling about the HTC One Max -- HTC's new stab at the super-sized phone rolling in at a purported 5.9-inches. But rather than the standard denial, the phone manufacturer just spat out a pretty epic teaser for "something big". Looks like that Robert Downey Jr hook-up's kicking off the marketing blitz.

Mind you, we don't know whether that really is Iron Man up there, as HTC apparently won't confirm or deny his presence. Hilarious when it gets to the point where a company won't comment on rumours about advertising, but is quite happy to basically spill the beans with a "big" teaser.

At least 5.9-inches is marginally more pocketable than Sony's 6.44-inch beast. Let's hope HTC shelling all this money out on a presumably massive advertising bill doesn't sink the ship. [YouTube via TechRadar]