If Robert Downey Jr Doesn't Save HTC, Maybe a China-Only Platform Will

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile maker HTC, which has been Haemorrhaging Taiwanese Cash for the last year or two, is rumoured to be launching its own mobile OS. The phone software would be only for use in China, where Android is currently particularly rampant.

According to the WSJ, HTC might be working on some sort of "Facebook phone" equivalent for the Chinese market, betting big that integrating support for popular regional social network Weibo could encourage users to adopt HTC's own-brand mobile system.

The problem would then be that HTC would need its own app store, its own developers, its own servers and infrastructure, which immediately makes it sound like there's a heap of mountains to climb in order to get it anywhere near the level where people might want to switch away from Android or iOS.

However, it's thought that the Chinese government would back such a development, seeing HTC's possible contribution as a way of lessening the country's dependence on the current Western smartphone giants. With a bit of Chinese money and influence to help push things along, it might be HTC's best bet for bringing back the glory days. [WSJ]