Is Anyone Really Going to Upgrade to Feedly Pro?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Feedly's probably the best Google Reader replacement currently out there. It's got mobile apps, syncing systems, and a decent desktop view. Now it's pushed out a "Pro" version to the general public for £3.20 a month with a few extra bits and pieces like search and encryption. What I want to know is: is anyone even remotely tempted to upgrade?

I ask because I'm not. I use Feedly day-in, day-out, because it's the only service out there that fills the gap Reader left. But, honestly, I haven't been all that impressed with it. On the desktop it's generally fine, but when it comes to its Android app it just plain sucks sometimes. Unlike Reader, the Android app seems to require a constant bloody connection, and won't cache more than a few pages of stories. That's a really big issue for me, given I'm mostly feed reading on the Tube with its intermittent-to-non-existent signal.

I could put up with that, though, but the one thing that kills it for me is that when the connection drops out, Feedly seems to have a panic attack. It no longer registers read views, and constantly asks you to refresh your damn feeds, which dumps you right back at the point you lost connection. To call that infuriating when you're looking at literally 1,000s of feeds is quite the understatement.

So, no. Even though I'm absolutely, 100 per cent Feedly Pro's target market, there's no way in hell I'm paying for that. What about you? [Feedly]