Is It "It", "Tag", "Tig", "Tap" or "Dobby"?

By Sam Gibbs on at

You know that kids game, where you run around the playground like you're hopped-up on an entire sugar factory, trying to avoid the one person who's "it"? If they touch you, you become the rampant zombie everyone's afraid of. Apparently we all call it by a different name depending on which part of the country you're from. So what do you call it?

UsVsTh3m polled some 986 people across the British Isles to find out. Most people either call the game "tag", "tig" or "tiggy", but there are some right weird ones. Apparently Nottingham calls the game "dobby", and it's "tuggy" in Newcastle. I'm from down South and I've always called the game simply "it" as in "tag, you're it".

Oh, and kids games weren't the only thing surveyed; the site also asked people about what they call their evening meal. Now, I don't know anyone who seriously calls it "tea", but apparently the majority of the country do. I'm firmly in the "dinner" camp, and "supper", well, I haven't heard anyone call it that in about 10 years.

What say you fellow Gizzers? Dinner, supper or tea, and it, tag, tig or otherwise? [UsVsTh3m]

Image credit: Kids from Shutterstock