LG Lugging Massive 29-Inch, Super-Wide, All-in-One PC to IFA

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG is gradually moving into the super-wide territory that Philips used to occupy, announcing a new range of 21:9 aspect ratio monitors -- and one that goes all the way into all-in-one PC territory.

The monster pictured above is LG's 29MA73, which code-crackers will have already determined to be a massive 29" ultra-wide display and PC combination. The IPS display is joined by a built-in machine running Windows 8 and utilising a Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics chipset, which LG says ought to make mincemeat of running its TV tuner and managing picture-in-picture media options.

If you've already got a decent enough PC, the company's also expanding its 21:9 monitor range, including the equally enormous 29-inch 29EB73, which now supports MHL, HDMI and DisplayPort, for easy connection to... anything. Even macs.