LG Made a Retro Wood Panelled LED TV with Knobs and Everything

By Adam Clark Estes on at

As companies like Apple and Samsung are heralding the end of the button, LG is taking its design in a different direction. This new 'Classic TV' features a wood panelled front complete with tuning knobs and buttons to create what LG describes as a "classic Scandinavian style design that emphasizes simplicity, modernity."

The 32-inch LED TV is only retro on the outside. It comes with full HD, plenty of peripheral ports and a free "coffee machine with cute design." Okay, when the TV costs 840,000 won (about £487) the coffee machine isn't exactly free, but it's a nice gesture. Unfortunately the classic TV is currently only available in South Korea, though with style like that it's probably worth the price of shipping. [LG via Engadget]

LG Made a Retro Wood-Panelled LED TV with Knobs and Everything