LinkedIn Lowers Its Age Limit Because 13-Year-Olds Need a Social Network For Their Paper Rounds

By Sam Gibbs on at

This is a little, well, absurd. LinkedIn has dropped the age gate for access to its social network for business contacts to just 13. Obviously kids need yet another place to hang out and share job stories, get headhunted, and manage their CVs -- Facebook's just not cutting it anymore.

The age drop, which takes it from 18 to 13 in the UK will be active from September 12th, but I can't see a flood of teenagers desperately flocking to LinkedIn. At least, I hope there isn't, because LinkedIn has enough hot air being pumped across it by boastful business people already, we don't need a load of kids running riot as well.

Still, it's difficult enough getting a job these days, so perhaps anything to help out the youth in the job market is a good thing? I guess the kids could use it to scope out universities on LinkedIn's new uni pages, but maybe an age gate of 16 would be more appropriate for that though? Just don't spam me, kids, OK? [Telegraph]

Image credit: Kid from Shutterstock