Looks Like the iPhone 5C Will Seriously Show the Scratches

By Sam Gibbs on at

If anyone remembers the plastic-shelled iPhone 3G and 3GS, you'll recall that the back of the phones were prone to looking like a scratched-up mess pretty quickly, thanks to its black, shiny exterior. This latest iPhone 5C rumoured leak in glossy black sure looks familiar. Best put it in a case, then.

Usual rumour disclaimers apply here -- who knows whether the image is real -- but it certainly seems like its shiny posterior is going to get scratched to hell and look tatty as hell in a matter of days. I know plastics have come a lot way since the iPhone 3G days, thanks to the likes of Samsung and Nokia, but that back shell up there doesn't instil confidence in me. I'd prefer it if it wasn't glossy, then at least the scratches wouldn't show up so much.

I can see the iPhone 5C case market ballooning already. [Weibo via Ubergizmo]