Mars Astronaut Barbie Is Nice and All But She's Going to Die in Space

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Mattel is finally jumping aboard the mission to Mars with a new astronaut Barbie. This Mars Explorer edition features everything America's favourite anatomically impossible wonderdoll would need to survive in space (except... gloves? no matter!), and that striped and sparkly hot pink suit sure looks snappy/gender-normative. But... Barbie? We've got some bad news.

The problem, Mars Explorer Barbie, is that you're not coming home. Mars is, as we've established by now, a one-way trip. So while your knowledge-loving friends like Computer Science Barbie and Architect Barbie are both positive role models and not doomed, once you start that long trek to the red planet, you're going to hit the point of no return real quick. But hey, least you'll be in good company. [The Atlantic]