FIFA 14 Free With all European Xbox One Pre-Orders, 49 More Games in the Pipeline

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has published a list of 50 games it says are on the way for Xbox One, covering everything from mysterious way-off Triple-A guaranteed smashes (Halo Xbox One) to the entirely predictable filler that'll also appear on Xbox 360 and every other console currently viable (Madden, NBA, FIFA, Call of Duty).

Still, it's an impressive list, particularly for those of a hardcore bent. The likes of Mirror's Edge 2, Forza 5, Ryse, Thief and Star Wars Battlefront ought to get most gamers excited, perhaps even so very excited they're prepared to pay £429 for a new kind of box to play them all on.

And, to make your pre-order decision a little more tempting, Microsoft has just announced that anyone in Europe who pre-orders the Xbox One ahead of its launch gets a free copy of FIFA 14 in the box. The machine is becoming more tempting by the week, as MS continues to battle to win back the gamers it lost with the disastrous initial announcement. [Xbox]